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Nasal plastic: when such an operation is required?

Unfortunately, the aesthetics of the nose are not always satisfied with their master. Too long or vice versa, short, wide, nose "potato" or sharp nose often becomes the object of jokes surrounding. As a result - the owner of a non-standard nose falls self-esteem, formed a number of psychological complexes and phobias. Fixing the defect of the external respiratory organ will allow correction of the nose, or rhinoplasty.

What is rhinoplasty and what defects it eliminates

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery aimed at:

  • elimination of defects in the shape of the nose
  • change (decrease or increase) in size;
  • restoration of breathing functions damaged by injury or congenital or acquired pathology.

With the development of innovative technologies, rhinoplasty became more affordable, effective and practically painless. Professional intervention in the area of ​​the bone and cartilage department of the respiratory organ does not cause negative structural changes in the functions of the nose, so rinoplasty should be trusted only by qualified surgeons.

After the "equalization of the hump", the narrowing of the back, the shortening of the tip of the nose, etc. there are no traces left. Thanks to the revolutionary methods of nasal rhinoplasty, based on laser technology, it is possible to carry out a complex correction of the nose wings, to eliminate other aesthetic disadvantages that were considered irreparable some decades ago.

Which types of nose plastics exist

Nasal plastic (rhinoplasty and septoplasty) is not only a cosmetic effect. Often deformation of the external organ of respiration is associated with violations of natural functions that complicate breathing. Therefore, when distorted the nasal septum, rhinoplasty in combination with septoplasty is required - a procedure for the restoration of respiratory nasal functions. In modern plastic surgery, the following types of nose correction are distinguished:

  • open
  • closed;
  • non-operating

In the open rhinoplasty, a cut is made on the column of the nose and in its cavity with a branch of soft tissue from the bone and suturing. More calmly - closed rhinoplasty of the nose, it involves, to a greater extent, internal surgical manipulations and is used in non-global correctional changes.

Non-surgical correction of the nose is rhinoplasty, based on lipofilling. A popular painless technique, which is performed by injection, is an ideal way to change the outlines of the external respiratory organ in cases where there is no need for internal corrective work.

The only restraining factor for rhinoplasty of the nose is the immaturity of bone and cartilage tissue, which is finally formed after 18 years.

What indications for rhinoplasty exist

Carrying out a nose correction surgery is possible as with cosmetic or aesthetic disadvantages, and with medical necessity in the following cases:

  • aesthetic disharmony of the shape and proportions of the nose;
  • destruction of nasal breathing functions;
  • violation (fracture, curvature) of the nasal septum;
  • deformation of the nose;
  • congenital pathologies of bone and cartilage tissues;
  • polyps;
  • postoperative complications, etc.

Reconstructive or aesthetic rhinoplasty of the nose is carried out on the basis of preliminary diagnosis - painlessly, with the individual application of innovative methods of correction. Now, in order to qualitatively perform the contour plastic of the nose or complete its correction in the European-level clinic, it is not necessary to go abroad, modern rhinoplasty is available in Ukraine. To choose a clinic in which real professionals work and modern technologies of rhinoplasty are used, a public register of medical institutions of Ukraine will help you . 


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