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Olive oil for skin

Olive oil is an excellent natural source of nutrients for both the body and sensitive skin! This product is unique in that it contains many moisturizing ingredients. For cosmetic operations, use the oil of the first extraction, which retains the necessary nutrients.

Cleansing the skin. Rub the skin with oil.

To cleanse the skin with olive oil, there is a classic method:

Apply a little bit of olive oil on a wet (wrung after warm water) cosmetic cotton pad and rub it over the skin with light massage movements. Of course, this method is good and effective both as a makeup remover and as an ordinary skin cleanser.

When cleansing the skin with oils, do not forget that the oil dissolves fat. Do not be afraid to apply oil on the surface of the skin. In itself, it never causes the formation of pimples or skin irritation.

Peeling. Remove dead skin from the skin

In a small glass bowl, mix two tablespoons of wheat bran and olive oil. Apply the slurry on the face and massage the skin for a few minutes.

Masks. We use olive oil for the skin

Mask for delicate skin.

To keep your skin soft and elastic for a long time, rub it with pure cold-pressed olive oil, and then take a bath with the addition of three tablespoons of special tincture.

Recipe tincture:

Rose petals (400-500 grams), mix with 500 milliliters of olive oil, let it stand for a week, filter. Tincture is ready to use!

Relaxing mask for particularly sensitive skin

Crush half the banana and cucumber, mix together. Add olive oil to the mixture (a couple of tablespoons is enough) and apply the mask on the face. Leave for half an hour. Wash off.

Whitening mask

You will need carrot juice, low-fat cottage cheese, milk and, of course, olive oil. For skin, these ingredients are best friends. Mix all ingredients in equal proportions. The resulting mixture is well wiped in the palms and spread with a thick layer on the face. Let the mask soak the skin for 15 minutes and rinse, and then wipe the face with a piece of ice.

Anti wrinkle

Mix 1 to 1 lemon juice with olive oil. Wipe the skin with this mixture several times a week.

The final stage. Toning the skin

To always maintain the vitality of the skin, mix a tablespoon of olive oil and apple cider vinegar . Massage this mixture dry skin. Wait a few minutes, then thoroughly wash your face with warm water and rinse with cold.


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