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What your sleeping position reveals about your character

Do you rather sleep on your stomach or on your back? Astonishingly, your sleeping position can reveal a lot about your character

1. Belly

People who sleep on the stomach are perfectionist . They are ambitious , purposeful and can not be dissuaded from their project. The abdominal position also has a surprising side effect: abdominal drowsers often have sex dreams . This may be due to pressure on the genitalia , my sleep researcher. Only 13% of people like to sleep in this position.

2. Back

Back sleepers are usually very self-confident, curious and go open and carefree through life. If they stretch their arms and legs, it means that they feel unassailable . The disadvantage of back sleeping: frequent snoring. By the way, 18% are back sleepers.

3. Sideways

People who fall asleep best from the side are very well balanced . They need a focus in life that fills them - like family or friends . They are justice-loving and positive. About 49% sleep laterally.

4. Embryo

If you bend your arms and legs, you have common sense and you get along very well with other people. When the body parts are very bent and the body rolled up properly, it points to a very emotional person who always needs some time to open up.

5. Spoons

Especially newly in love cuddle especially often during the night. If he wraps around, he demonstrates his protective instinct . If, on the other hand, she is the "big spoon", she shows strength and temperament .


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